This is what I do.

I am an IT man with many skills, still open to learn new ones.

Although challenges may suck my energy below absolute zero I still enjoy taking them. Sometimes, it is server task about making machine operate beyond what seems possible. Then it could be some border on CSS element defying common sense. Or Ruby `gem` that drives someone nuts. Or just showing how Macs are magnificent beyond their captivating shell beauty.

But I am not exclusively an IT guy. Just some geek or nerd living in piles of comic books, watching Star Wars while downloading Deep Space 9. Not only regularly socialized, just like anyone else, I enjoy debating on humanities, questioning reality, ability of knowledge or practicing logic and oral skills. If you meet me, make me happy by bringing up these or some other essential questions on God and existence.

I'm a gnostic. Maybe Buddhist but not a true one. I do not believe, I know, question, reason. You may have your way but this is mine, this is my choice.

I've started thinking analytically since I'm aware of myself but conceived first algorithms somewhere in 1978 with Texas Instruments TI-57 and soon was making first steps in BASIC and assembly of Z80 in Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80. Brief episodes with Sinclair ZX-81 and Spectrum led me to Commodore 64 whose architecture, kernel and API was theme of my high school graduation. Yes, I've done C and assembly on x86 DOS too, felt like my last Commodore 128D which I ran on CP/M.

Those limited environments learned me a lot about appreciation of limited resources, optimization and battle for every single cycle. Imagine your CPU running at 1MHz? That was our 6502 baby, friends and I called RISC when we fought the other tribe with their Z80 we called CISC.

I know about Macs. I've seen Apple ][ and very first Macintoshes but got first one somewhere in 1995 and never looked back. I was fascinated with simplicity, beauty and overall philosophy. And I still am. Others may like the case or some fancy UI tricks but I know and understand ticking under the hood. And I like that.

DTP was my escape to aesthetics. I enjoyed type, that strange marriage of mathematics and aesthetics, ruled by splines and psychology and incomprehensible logic for rhythm. I've done that for a decade and half, went pretty deep and still I am very proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Just as I thought hardware industry was dead in 1990 and switched to DTP, I also figured that DTP will go down as everyone thinks they can do it and declining need for printed anything.

So I finally decided to jump on web wagon in 2006 although I've used mail from late eighties, on academic net long before Internet became public (I even remember debate and disgust on opening web sites for commercial entities!)

And here I am right now, split between front end development, Drupal site building and development and server building, tuining and maintaining.

You've read so far? Rarely anyone does but then again, what would About page on personal Blog be if not all about a person who owns it?

If you are interested in something more particular, have some Indecent (job) Proposal or just wonder about a Meaning of Life, feel free to contact me somehow. Even better meet me in person. Somewhere.